Food And Supplements That Protect Against Cancer

If you are confused about whether certain vitamins, supplements or foods can prevent cancer, you’re not alone. The results of several recent studies have been conflicting and perplexing-Which is why this topic has raised questions for consumers as well as members of the health-care and research communities.


What you need to know: Cancer is not a single disease, and it can have many different causes. That makes it virtually impossible for anyone nutrient to protect against all types of cancer. In fact, studying whether single nutrients reduce the risk for cancer often is like looking for a magic bullet-more wishful thinking than good science. Nothing can absolutely guarantee that you'll remain cancer-free. However, good nutrition and a healthful overall lifestyle-not smoking not abusing alcohol, limiting exposure to pollutants, eliminating food additives and controlling street-can lower your odds of developing cancer.


Consume a diet that emphasizes a variety of fresh, natural and minimally processed food. Include a selection of vegetables, some fruit (such as berries and kiwifruit), Fish, chicken (free range or organic), legumes, nuts and modest amounts of healthful starches (such as sweet potatoes and whole grains).Eat healthfully-and you will lay the foundation for everything else that you can do to lower your long-term risk for cancer.



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1/31/2015 1:05:05 AM